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DreamSculpting is a powerful technique that helps individuals and groups with setting goals consciously and unconsciously. In DreamSculpting, you align your beliefs (an unconscious process) and make them work together with your conscious goals to develop an action plan. Limiting beliefs are identified and left behind, leaving only the beliefs that support your goals.

Our process uses StoryBoarding and Reverse Imagineering from Bennett/Stellar University to develop manageable steps toward attaining your goals. Your sessions will focus on one or more of the following areas of life: career, health, relationships, wealth, family, home and/or pleasure activities.

Hypnotherapy through Blue Skies Personal Wellness can help you:

Stop smoking

Release unwanted weight

Improve your relationships

Deal with depression

Reduce or remove anxiety, grief, guilt, and/or phobias

Strengthen communication and business skills

Conquer addictions

Overcome jealousy

End self-sabotage in order to achieve goals

Enhance performance in sports or the workplace

Increase confidence

End test anxiety.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Open your unconscious mind to positive suggestions for change, and watch your life improve! Hypnotherapy relaxes you and helps you reach this optimal state. Through guided imagery and direct suggestions, I apply hypnotherapy to focus on replacing unproductive behaviors with productive actions. It is a powerful performance enhancement tool, allowing me to coach you more readily past anxiety and stress and into a relaxed state where you can more effortlessly achieve your goals.